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Most charted song : "It's raining again"

10 singles charted top 50 in Canada

Total : 88 top 50

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  1. Israeli chart, July 8th 1979
    1.The logical song
    2.ABBA-Does you mother know?
    3.Boney M-Hurray hurray it's a holi-holiday
    4.Eruption-One way ticket
    5.Donna Summer-Hot stuff
    6.Gary Moore-Parisienne walkways
    7.ELO-Shine a little love
    8.Earth Wind & Fire-Boogie wonderland
    9.Anita Ward-Ring my bell
    10.Blondie-Sunday girl

    July 15th
    1.The logical song
    2.Does your mother know
    3.Parisienne walkways
    4.Shine a little love
    5.Boogie wonderland
    6.Ring my bell
    7.Hurray hurray for a holi-holiday
    8.Sunday girl
    9.Hot stuff
    10.Olivia Newton John-Deeper than the night

    July 22nd
    1.The logical song
    2.Parisienne walkways
    3.Shine a little love
    4.Boogie wonderland
    5.Ring My bell
    6.Does your mother know
    7.Deeper than the night
    8.The Shadows-Theme fromm The Deer Hunter
    9.Wings-Old Siam, sir
    10.Hurray hurray for a holi-holiday

    August 5th
    1.The logical song
    2.Ring my bell
    3.Theme from The Deer Hunter
    4.Boogie Wonderland
    5.Old Siam, Sir
    6.Tubeway Army-Are friends electric?
    7.Amii Stewart-Light my fire
    8.Parisienne Walkways
    9.Elton John-Mama can't buy you love
    10.Shine a little love

    September 2nd 1979
    1.Breakfast in America
    2.ABBA-Voulez vous
    3.The Beach Boys-Lady Linda
    4.Kansas-People of the south wind
    5.Ring my bell
    6.Dave Edmunds-Girls talk
    7.The Dooleys-Wanted
    8.The Knack-My Sharona
    9.Donna Summer-Bad girls
    10.Eddy Grant-Living on the front line

    November 11th
    1.Goodbye stranger
    2.Commodores-Sail on
    3.Nick Lowe-Cruel to be kind
    4.Dollar-Love's gotta hold on me
    5.ELO-Don't bring me down
    7.Foreigner-Dirty white boy
    8.Bellamy Brothers-If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
    9.Julio Iglesias-Quiereme mucho
    10.Charlie Daniels Band-The devil went down to Georgia

    December 16th 1982
    1.It's raining again
    2.Hall & Oates-Maneater
    3.Kids From Fame-Starmaker
    4.Human League-Mirror man
    5.Eddy Grant-I don't want to dance
    6.Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson-The girl is mine
    7.Musical Youth-Pass the Dutchie
    8.Blacmanche-Living on the ceiling
    9.F R David-Words
    10.Dionne Warwick-Heartbreaker

    January 2nd 1983
    1.It's raining again
    3.The girl is mine
    4.Living on the ceiling
    5.Mirror man
    6.Madness-Our house
    7.Marvin Gaye-Sexual healing
    10.I don't want to dance

    January 9th
    1.It's raining again
    2.Maneater (numer 1 next week)
    3.Our house
    4.Culture Club-Time
    6.Living on the ceiling
    7.A flock of deagulls-Wishing
    8.Phil COllins-You can't hurry love
    9.The girl is mine
    10.Mirror man