lundi 25 avril 2016


Most charted song :  The look " in 18 countries

34 singles charted top 50 in Sweden

Total : 294 top 50 in 24 different countries

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4 commentaires:

  1. "Look Sharp" is not a single but the album title, so the chart position is wrong. "Dressed for success" peaked at #12 in october'89; "Wish I could fly" peaked at #11 and "The centre of the heart" at #7.

  2. Hello my friend ! thank you so much ! you are the king !
    on the book i can see "wish i could fly " number 10 , is it another mystake from the book ? page 797
    thanks again

  3. yes, it's a mistake; that's the period when charts were changing from 2 charts to one (singles & cd singles, maxisingles); the book is full of mistakes.

  4. Hi Davidalic , ok thanks , i will add little by little of all the songs between 21 to 30........ I'm gonna add this for all the artists......but it takes a long time to do.....