dimanche 20 novembre 2016


Most charted song : " Yesterday once more " in 18 countries

21 singles charted top 50 in the USA

Total : 188 top 50 in 28 different countries

Sources : http://artisteschartsventes.blogspot.fr/p/mes-sources.html

                             Other countries - incomplete charts / Autres pays ( Charts Incomplets ) :

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  1. Looking at the chart posted I would say Carpenters' biggest world hit is "Please Mr. Postman," your chart is missing some chart postings for Postman. Richard Carpenter has stated on several occasions that "Postman" is their biggest world hit.

  2. Hi Rick , i was hesitating between the two singles on the article ! i believe you ,but if you have more charts for Carpenters you can send them to me !
    in advance thanks a lot

    1. Carpenters.Israel charts.
      August 1973.Yesterday once more.no 1
      January .1974.Top of the world.January.1974.
      February.1975.Please mr postman.No 1

  3. Some Carpenters charts information.
    Israel charts.1970.Close to you .no 8.
    1972. Goodbye to love.no 3
    1973.Sing. no 3
    Yesterday once more.mo 1
    January 1974.top of the world.no 1
    June.1974.I wont last a day without you.no 4.
    February.1975.Please mr postman.no 1
    May.1975.Only yesterday.no 15.
    October.1975.Solitaire.no 9
    April.1976.There a kind of hush.no 5
    October.1977.Calling occupants.no 27.
    August.1981.Touch me when were dancing.no 37...

    1. Hello ! Yes thanks , this blog will be updated and a new presentation also with plenty of new charts......thanks a lot !

  4. Hi
    Also according to Billboard magazine.Yesterday Once More. was no 1 in Venezuela in August 1973.If i find any more info ill post.cheers

  5. Hi
    Carpenters/Brazil charts.
    Close to you.no .
    We ve only just begun.no 3
    Superstar.no 3
    Hurting each other.no 3
    Sing.no 4
    Make believe its your first time.no 17.

    Carpenters only had 2 hit singles in France.
    Sing .no 21 in April 1973.
    Thers a kind of hush.no 47 in April.1976.

  6. Hi
    Got information from leadsisters carpenters site and also craig halsteads book of Carpenters all the top 40s hits.

  7. Hi
    Any new information on Carpenters on charts?.The new list only lists 3 Carpenters songs.