dimanche 17 juillet 2016


 Most charted song : "Heisser hand "in 4 countries

87 singles charted top 50 in Italy

Total : 113 top 50 in 10 different countries

Sources : http://artisteschartsventes.blogspot.fr/p/mes-sources.html

                 Other countries - Incomplete charts / Autres pays ( Charts incomplets ) : 



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  1. Still missing her two huge japanese number one hits: "Wakare (un anno d'amore)" and "Suna ni kieta namida (un buco nella sabbia)" sung in japanese. Together they sold something like 4 million copies and are still very popular in that country. Also "kimi ni namida to hohoemi wo" (se piangi se ridi) charted in Japan.
    In 1974 "E poi" entered the japanese charts. And also "Amor Mio" in 1972. In Argentina she charted several times from 1960 to 1983. Always in Japan "Tintarella di luna" in 1960 was a top ten hit. In Turkey she also charted with her turkish language versions of "Un anno d'amore" and "Soli". Chile was also a country where she was extremely popular. In Greece she had several hits thoughout the 60es, 70'es, 80's and 90's. In the USA her song "Il cielo in una stanza" charted at #90 back in 1960.